Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora designer replaces Ferrari 458 Italia designer

Lotus EvoraRussell Carr, the designer of the Lotus Evora, has succeeded Donato Coco, creator of the Ferrari 458 Italia, as head of design at the British sports car firm.

Long-time Lotus man Carr finally gets the top job after years of heading the external design department at the firm. Carr joined Lotus back in 1990 and worked on iconic models such as the Lotus Esprit as well as projects for outside clients.

He takes up his new role on 1 November 2014, replacing Coco who’s been head of design at Lotus for five years. Key projects for the ex-Ferrari man included Lotus’ eyebrow-raising five-car showcase at the Paris Motor Show 2010.

“My five years at Lotus have been one of the strongest experiences in my career so far and I will look back with great fondness and affection for this iconic company,” he said.

Jean-Marc Gales, Group Lotus CEO, said: “I would also like to thank Donato for his contribution to Lotus over the last five years and wish him well in his future ventures.

“Donato leaves a legacy of a strong, motivated and talented team within Lotus Design which under the new leadership of Russell will continue to design innovative, authentic and iconic Lotus products.”

Speaking about Carr’s promotion, he added: “Russell has a proven track-record of producing distinctive and compelling designs for Lotus over the years and is perfectly positioned to lead the Lotus design team in the future.”