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Car week review: Smartphone connectivity matters more than ever

Apple CarPlay

Mobile technology and cars are now forever interconnected

That Apple will update its CarPlay feature to allow compatibility with third-party navigation options might seem little more than a sidenote for those interested in cars. Especially if you happen to have a smartphone using Android. But it speaks volumes about how important the relationship between cars and mobile technology now is.

The days of a simple car stereo and standalone sat nav unit are long gone. Drivers today expect, or demand, the ability to use the features of their mobile phone as much as possible on the move. From streaming music, to planning routes, and even composing text messages, the smartphone obsession doesn’t stop behind the wheel. 

Aside from the obvious concerns about safety and distracted drivers, the key takeaway is that car manufacturers and tech companies are required to work closer than even before on supporting each other’s products.

To balance the digital overload, this week we’ve delved into the world of classic rally cars and the road-going versions they created. We’ve also rounded up all the latest news, from a special McLaren P1 for sale to the death of the Volkswagen Beetle. 

Car News

Apple CarPlay and Waze
Apple CarPlay to add Waze and Google Maps compatibility
Listening to the demands of customers has seen Apple finally confirm that the popular CarPlay system will now support Waze and Google Maps for navigation. 

Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium engine
Demonising diesel has already cost 1,000 jobs at Jaguar Land Rover
The ongoing uncertainty around the future of diesel has already resulted in the loss of 1,000 jobs from Jaguar Land Rover. CEO Dr Ralf Speth says more are at risk. 

2018 Paris Motor Show
2018 Paris Motor Show Preview: all the new cars to prepare for
With just over two weeks until the opening of the 2018 Paris Motor Show, we’ve compiled a list of all the new metal we know will be making a debut at the event.

Jenson Button McLaren P1
McLaren P1 for sale, with just one careful previous owner…
This is your chance to buy a P1 commissioned especially for ex-F1 World Champion Jenson Button. Having just 550 miles from new, this hypercar is barely even run in!

Features and opinion 

From the stage to your drive – cars to thank rallying for
Homologation requirements are a wonderful thing, responsible for road-going versions of the craziest rally machinery ever built. These are just 10 of the very best.

Modified cars
Car culture isn’t dead, yet
In fact, MR’s Ethan believes that social media and the internet has made car culture and the world of modifying even stronger than before. Even car manufacturers are cashing in on mods.

Lamborghini Diablo
V12 Lamborghini up for auction
What’s better than one V12 Lamborghini? Three of them, of course. The forthcoming Silverstone Auctions’ September Sale will see this exotic trio go under the hammer. Time to clear out some space in the garage…

Volksawgen Beetle
The Beetle doesn’t ride again
Volkswagen has announced the end of the Beetle, again. This is the story of how the company failed to kill it off before, and why you can never rule out another renaissance for the seemingly unloved Bug. 


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