2018 BMW M5 F90

Motoring Research week in review: 10 December 2017

2018 BMW M5 F90

With a history stretching back over 30 years, and a reputation as the definitive executive express, getting the M5 right puts a lot of pressure on BMW. The latest F90 enters a competitive marketplace, and has to overcome any potential stigma attached to the M5 now being four-wheel drive. Throw in the desire to recreate the success of the E39 M5, and a lot of expectations are riding on this latest car

This week we’ve also tested a plethora of Mercedes-Benz E-Class models, gone camping in style, and found a host of retro motors to buy for less than £5,000.

Car News

Lamborghini Urus

It might anger the purists, but a 189mph Lamborghini SUV is key to securing the future of the brand. Sales of the £157,800 Urus should deliver healthy profits.


2018 BMW M5 F90

2018 BMW M5 – First drive review
BMW has been trying to rekindle the glory associated with the E39 M5 from 1998. After two decades of trying, has the newest model to wear the M5 badge cracked it?

Mercedes-AMG E63 S

E numbers – driving the Mercedes-Benz E-Class range
With a wealth of varieties on offer, just how do you pick the perfect Mercedes-Benz E-Class? From super saloon to off-road wagon, Gav drove them all to find the best.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo – Glamping on wheels
With leather seats, LED lighting, and yacht-wood flooring the Marco Polo is not your average campervan. It’s not cheap, but it’ll certainly help you stand out from the rest. 

Features and opinion

World Car Awards 2018 testing in LA

World Car Awards 2018 – Testing times in LA
Considering the scale of the longest for the World Car Awards, it should be no surprise that Richard had to clock up the miles in Los Angeles. It’s a tough job!

Hagerty's classic cars to buy now

Classics to buy now
Specialist insurers Hagerty have crunched the numbers, to name what they consider to be the nine best classic cars to invest in now.

Is new car tech useful

Tech crunched
Modern cars are packing more new technology than ever before. How much of it is actually making our motoring lives easier?

The Grand Tour: series 2

The Grand Tour returns
Season 2 of Amazon’s The Grand Tour is on screens now. We’ve noted down all the cars that have been featured on-screen so far.

Retro MR

Retro MR – Celebrating the mental MG Metro 6R4
Even in the crazy Group B era of WRC competition, the Metro 6R4 was a radical piece of engineering. Andrew takes a moment to remember the mid-engined MG.

Retro MR – Christmas crackers
Rather than spending money on pointless presents this Christmas, why not treat yourself with a bargain classic? For less than £5,000, consider one of these 20 cars.


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