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Fit automaker-approved mods with Mini Yours Customised

As if the multitude of customisation options for the freshly-relogo’d Mini range wasn’t enough, the British auto brand is now taking it a step further with the launch of Mini Yours Customised, which it claims is the first large-scale customer-created automotive personalization initiative yet seen.

It’s a scheme that lets owners personalize bespoke parts for the side scuttles, dashboard trims, door sills and even the LED door projector lights. Yes, Mini fans, you too can have your own signature projected from the door mirror lamps of your ride. A new Online Customiser takes owners through every step of the modification process; they’re shipped to the customer within a few weeks.

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Mini’s using high-tech, low-volume manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing and laser lettering to create the parts. This is how it’s able to so precisely personalize the parts – by, for example, including a customer’s name on the dash inlay, or their signature within the LED projector light. And if they don’t want to fit the bits themselves, they can ask their local dealer to do it instead.

Naturally, the process is reversible, for when the owner later sells the car…

Mini says the new Yours Customised initiative makes it “a pioneer and trendsetter in the area of customer orientation, expansion of digital services and the establishment of innovative production processes”. Those in the Mini community love individualization and this takes it a step further by allowing owners to customize OE-grade parts in ways such as:

  • Colours
  • Patterns
  • Surfaces finishes
  • Icons
  • Texts and signatures

Special production facilities in Germany are used to create the parts. BMW Group has, for instance, configured 3D printers in association with Hewlett-Packard Inc, Caron Inc and EOS GmbH to make the components – the first time the companies have been able to supply automotive-grade plastics for low volume use.

The auto firm is thus guaranteeing the Mini Yours Customised parts conform to all the same form, functionality, safety and quality guidelines as regular parts.

Naturally, there’s a social element too. For those who want to create their own parts in the Online Customiser but don’t want to actually then buy them, Mini allows the designs to be screen-shot for sharing on social media. Indeed, it adds, “this is how additional inspiration is created within the Mini community…”

In pictures: Mini Yours Customised

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