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The 10 best states for EVs

Tesla RoadsterCalifornia has long been seen as the epicenter of the electric car movement, but is it the really best place to own one? A new report says that might not be the case.

Yourmechanic.com collected vast amounts of electric vehicle (EV) data and compared it against factors like number of public charging stations, users per station, and EV sales growth. The cost of powering the car, called the eGallon (the cost of driving the same distance as could be travelled on a gallon of gasoline), was also included in the research.

While California is still one of the best places to own an EV, it’s crowded and expensive. Around 400,000 residents have already adopted zero-emission electric vehicles and the number is growing rapidly. There may be a wait to recharge at some stations, and the cost of electricity is comparatively high.

The car maintenance website does favor the Best Coast for EV ownership, though, with all three continental states making the list. With a little data mining, that liberal attitude can be extrapolated to all of the states on the list. For example, seven voted for Clinton in 2016, eight have legalized marijuana, and all have taken home medals from the Great American Beer Fest.

So what is the best state to own an EV? Read on and find out.

#10: Maine

  • Price per eGallon: $1.48
  • Number of charging stations: 139
  • Charging stations per person: 9,611

Vacationland leads the nation in both number of winters per year and history of American state tartan. It’s not quite top for EV friendliness, but does still have an excellent number of public EV charging stations per capita and ranks 18th in the nation for EV market share.

#9: Iowa

  • Price per eGallon: $1.21
  • Number of charging stations: 370
  • Charging stations per person: 8,502

Iowa goes to work everyday so the rest of America can eat. More than just corn, beef, milk, and oats, the Corn State is also famous for its pie and ice cream.

The Life Changing state is now changing the way it drives. EV sales are up over 50 percent year over year, and the number of charging stations is growing. Electricity is cheap compared to gasoline.

#8: Maryland

  • Price per eGallon: $1.21
  • Number of charging stations: 592
  • Charging stations per person: 10,223

When polled, 60 percent of Americans forgot that Maryland is a state. Of the 40 percent who remembered, almost 60 percent thought it was in Canada.

Nonetheless, the thinking man’s Delaware is a leader in EVs, with sales growing 50 percent year over year.

#7: Vermont

  • Price per eGallon: $1.67
  • Number of charging stations: 165
  • Charging stations per person: 3,780

Vermont, once its own proud nation, has a long standing history of leading the nation in rational thought. It was the first state to abolish slavery, grant women voting rights, and legislate same-sex marriage.

The “Way Less Scary Than New Hampshire” state is also leading the way forward in EVs. Market share is fourth in the U.S., and there are more charging stations per capita than in any other state.

And lest this sound like a Vermont love letter: your ice cream is not as good as Iowa’s and your pie is buried under 20 feet of snow. For, like, nine months a year.

#6: Oregon

  • Price per eGallon: $1.02
  • Number of charging stations: 597
  • Charging stations per person: 6,939

Never confuse Oregon with Portland, its largest city. Like Washington, Oregon only has one tiny little spot that appreciates locally-sourced salt and farm-to-table tofu. The rest of the state wishes you would go back to California.

And also like Washington, Oregon enjoys cheap hydroelectric power and ample charging stations per capita, making it a great place to own an EV. The hippies are coming for you, Oregon.

#5: Colorado

  • Price per eGallon: $1.09
  • Number of charging stations: 730
  • Charging stations per person: 7,681

Colorado is absolutely gorgeous, at least the part that isn’t western Kansas, and residents of the Subaru state intend to keep it that way. In addition high EV market saturation, Colorado has ample charging stations and cheap power.

Now if they could just do something about the hail . . .

#4: South Dakota

  • Price per eGallon: $1.10
  • Number of charging stations: 105
  • Charging stations per person: 8,283

South Dakota gets almost three-fourths of its energy from renewable resources, further increasing the positive impact of its EVs. Both of the state’s residents bragged of this fact when interviewed.

#3: Washington

  • Price per eGallon: $0.88
  • Number of charging stations: 830
  • Charging stations per person: 8,923

Seattle, long renowned as the birthplace of coffee, beer, computers, and the airplane, has an abundance of charging stations and enjoys cheap hydroelectric power. The rest of the state does whatever Seattle does, usually unwillingly.

#2: California

  • Price per eGallon: $1.72
  • Number of charging stations: 4,978
  • Charging stations per person: 7,942

California leads the nation in EV adoption and number of charging stations, driven by its strict, world-leading air quality standards. The Golden State also leads the nation in number in number of residents that get made fun of when they move to other states.

#1: Oklahoma

  • Price per eGallon: $0.92
  • Number of charging stations: 207
  • Charging stations per person: 18,990

According to YourMechanic.com, Oklahoma is the best state in the U.S. to own an electric surrey with the fringe on top. Low power costs, ample charging stations per capita, and a growing adoption rate push the Sooner state to the top of the list.

Unsurprisingly, Oklahoma is one of the nation’s leaders in wind power. Solar production would be higher, but the wind keeps blowing the sun off the panels.