Heatwave hack: how to clear hot air from your car

As the UK heatwave continues, here's a hot tip toclear stuffy air from your car's cabin, using both the windows and air conditioning.

air conditioning life hack

As the UK heatwave continues, climbing into a car that’s been baking in the summer sun is never pleasant.

Thankfully, helpful people from hot countries have been dishing out tips on how to fight the heat. This one comes from vehicle designer, Nir Kahn:

Air-con hot tip

His guide to clearing a car’s cabin of stuffy, sun-baked air is a clever one. First, get the air conditioning going, then open all the windows. Leave them open while driving for a minute. Then close the fronts, driving again for a minute, before closing the rears.

The effect is to evacuate the hot, stale air more quickly than if you keep the windows up and air-con blasting.

Other quick tips for cooling down

air conditioning life hack

If you have a sunroof or your car is a convertible, you’re quids in. Get them open fast. Hot air rises and will be out the top quicker than you can say ‘heatwave’.

Essentials for travelling, obviously, are sun cream and water. Stay hydrated and keep your sun defences up.

Of course, some may discover this all too late. Rick B on Twitter is clearly a realist…


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