Why buying a used Audi might be a bad idea

Why it might be a bad idea to buy a used Audi

Why buying a used Audi might be a bad idea

You might think a second-hand Audi might be a pretty sensible proposition – but research has revealed that the average repair could cost 27% more than on a used Mercedes-Benz.

Data released by whocanfixmycar.com reveals that Audi repair prices are consistently more expensive than rivals from BMW or Mercedes-Benz – across all models, including the A3, A4 and A6.

The website allows users to request quotes from garages for repair work, with 35,000 submitted each month. This means it can compare quotes between makes and models to work out which cars will cost you the most if they go wrong.

It claims that repair costs tends to be pretty consistent until a car’s fifth birthday, with only minor costs such as servicing expected.

But this changes after five years, with Audi repairs costing soaring compared to rivals – with each repair costing, on average, £62 more than Mercedes-Benz or £41 more than BMW in the fifth year.

Audi A4 owners pay £251 for the average repair, compared to £220 for the equivalent BMW 3 Series repair, or £188 for a Mercedes-Benz C-Class fix.

The data reveals that Audi repair costs peak in their ninth year at £275 on average. It reduces after this – possibly because older Audis tend to be simpler and are cheaper to fix, or because major repairs tend to have been carried out by this age.

Alternatively, owners might be more willing to live with issues when a car reaches this age, as the cars are worth less. Owners of older cars are perhaps more eager to use independent garages rather than costly main dealers, too.

It’s not all bad news for owners of used Audis – they tend to save money on brakes and exhaust work, with repairs of this type costing £194 on average, compared to £204 for the equivalent BMW and £211 for a Mercedes.

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