Company car drivers: choosing your next car is child's play



Some say that children should be seen and not heard, but that’s not the case when it comes to choosing your next company car. Figures released by Skoda suggest that as many as one in seven company car drivers consult their children before selecting their next company wheels.

Which actually makes a great deal of sense. Though many company car drivers spend the majority of their time pounding the nation’s motorways in solitary confinement, the car is also called upon for family duties. As many as 47% of company car drivers take their children to school, with 73% using the ‘work wheels’ to ferry their offspring to sport and social activities.

Surely it’s important that these back seat drivers get a say in the family motor? Henry Williams, head of fleet at Skoda UK, said: “At Skoda, we understand a company car isn’t just used for business, it’s also for home life.” Which is nice.

As you’d expect, the thoughts of the ‘significant other’ play a part, with nearly half of drivers saying their partner is their first port of call when considering a new company car. At least that’s what they told Skoda. We have a sneaking suspicion that getting one over on Dave in Sales is also a major factor.

Mustang or Avensis: think of the children

Something that’s unlikely to surprise you is the fact that 11% of men claim they don’t consult anyone at all, which compares to a third of all women asking the advice of as many people as possible. You only need to visit a motorway service area to know that image is everything in this business. The right car, the right spec, the right colour – all important in the world of company cars.

For those of you with an insatiable appetite for statistics, Skoda’s research suggests that, on average, a company car will spend 55 minutes a day carrying out non-work duties. Given the amount of traffic on the school run, this sounds like a drop in the ocean.

But remember, before you sign on the line for a new Toyota Avensis in Drizzle Grey, think of the children. What they really, really want is that Ford Mustang V8…

You can thank us later.

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