The team behind Motoring Research

Motoring Research is an automotive publisher based in the UK that’s been delivering the goods to clients worldwide since 1986.

Richard Aucock | Director

Richard started at MR in 2001 and he’s still here. And still insists no two days are the same at MR. Today, he’s MD, overseeing the business and making sure clients receive what they need, when they need it. He is Chairman of the Guild of Motoring Writers, is a World Car Awards juror, the UK judge for AUTOBEST and is editor of Auto Retail Agenda. He has found real-world family-friendly motoring heaven with a BMW 330i Touring.

Tim Pitt | Managing Editor

Tim oversees MR’s editorial output across our full client list. He cut his teeth in the muddy world of 4x4s, then spent six years testing sensible cars at Which? (following MR founder Peter’s path some 30 years earlier). Today, he enjoys indulging in odd supercar and loves anything hot with a hatchback. He has a lengthy back-catalogue of Golf GTIs, while the coolest car he’s owned is an E30 BMW M3.

Gavin Braithwaite-Smith | Features Editor

Gavin works from a converted attic in rural Devon, where we’re led to believe he has running water, working electricity and even broadband. He surrounds himself with the cars nobody else wants, and his most recent purchases include a £100 Renault Laguna and a Clio Baccara, to add to his burgeoning collection of French tat. To provide some balance, Gavin also owns a gold Mercedes-Benz W123. He doesn’t get out much.

Bradley Lawrence | Multimedia assistant

Bradley joined MR in summer 2017 to create stunning video and photographic content, and that’s exactly what he’s been doing. He has a love for anything noisy that draws plenty of attention, in particular the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and his best mate’s Audi TT RS (a car the rest of the team never stop hearing about). He currently drives a 2017 Vauxhall Corsa, but plans to upgrade to an Abarth 124 Spider when he turns 21.

John Redfern | U.S. Editor

John won the Guild of Motoring Writers’ Breakthrough Blogger Award in 2014, earning himself valuable work experience with MR. Several years later he is still here, having edited the weekly MR newsletter and produced content for America and Australia. He is happiest when researching obscure American classics, or spotting trends at major car auctions. He loves his Skoda Octavia vRS, but would readily swap it for a woodie station wagon.

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