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Volvo calls plug-in hybrids ‘part-time electric cars’

Volvo sees plug-in hybrids as ‘part-time electric cars’ that provide a stepping stone to an electric future. This comes as it launches a new smartphone app.

Pininfarina Battista Anniversario is the ‘new pinnacle for electric cars’

Just five Pininfarina Battista Anniversario models will be made, each costing from a cool €2.6 million – and each capable of a zero-emissions 217mph

3 in 4 think the driving test must CHANGE for electric cars

New research has revealed that many drivers think the driving test needs to evolve to educate and initiate new drivers on electric cars

UK government ‘isn’t doing enough’ to encourage electric cars

Just 30 percent of people working in the automotive industry believe the UK government does enough to incentivise uptake of electric cars.

Electric cars outsell manuals by 50 percent in America

Cover your ears, car enthusiasts: electric cars outsold those fitted with a manual gearbox last year, although only in the USA.