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North-south divide in electric car charging points revealed

Research shows 45 percent of new electric car charging points were opened in London and the south east during the past year.

Just one in six councils have on-street EV charging points

Research undertaken by the AA finds that some local authorities have also used government grant money to fund off-street charging instead

‘Pretty terrible’ electric car charging app to be shut down

The Polar Instant app will be closed down following negative feedback from EV drivers. A new BP Chargemaster app takes its place.

Jaguar I-Pace updated with new infotainment, faster charging

The Jaguar I-Pace EV has been updated for the 2021 model year with new Pivi Pro infotainment and a faster onboard charger

Electric Avenue: the first entire street with lamp post car charging

A London street has seen all its lamp posts converted to EV charging points. ‘Electric Avenue' is the first road of its kind in the UK.

Peugeot offers six months free charging for new EV and PHEV buyers

Peugeot includes plug-in hybrid EVs in its offer of six months free charging for buyers of its electrified models with Polar Plus

Audi ‘consolidates‘ car charging with E-Tron Charging Service card

Audi has launched a new E-Tron Charging Service for owners of plug-in models. The service will allow drivers to plug and pay at a variety of charge points.

Which UK region has the most electric car charging points?

New research has revealed what regions of the UK are best-placed to deal with the current and near-future population of electric cars in their area

Norway finds Lexus ‘self-charging hybrid’ adverts misleading

Norway’s Consumer Authority has deemed Lexus's 'Self-Charging' advertisements misleading, following a series of complaints with Lexus spots in magazines