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Audi TT review

Launched in 1998, the original Audi TT looked like a concept car for the road. The current model, which dates back to 2014, has lost some of the wow-factor but none of the appeal.

Audi R8 review

The R8 is a fabulous thing, with a beautifully finished (if slightly sombre) cabin and a strong image. It’s not cheap, though...

Audi Q8

In its quest to fill every niche, Audi has created the Q8 SUV. It’s a ‘coupe’ version of the Q7, designed for those who value style above practicality.

Audi Q7 review

Audi’s flagship SUV is suitably big, bold and brash. Launched in 2015, it oozes luxury, with an interior that’s as good as any rival.

Audi Q5 review

The Audi Q5 is one of the UK’s best-loved SUVs, cementing a reputation for a high-quality interior, the latest tech and a strong image.

Audi Q3 review

The Audi Q3 is the archetypal compact SUV. Blessed with a premium badge, but with almost no off-road talent, it’s an incredibly popular car.

Audi Q2 review

Apply an image-friendly badge to a popular body style and what do you get? The Audi Q2. Leaving aside the A1 Citycarver, this is Audi’s smallest SUV.

Audi E-tron review

It might look like a regular SUV, but the Audi E-tron heralds the dawn of a new era for the company – and indeed, the electric car segment.

Audi A8 review

The Audi A8 offers luxury, space and performance in abundance, making for a genuine alternative to the (much pricier) Bentley Flying Spur.