Popular cars disappearingFord

Hauling heroes: The trucks that can pull the heaviest trailers

We take a look at which pickup trucks can haul the heaviest maximum trailer weights straight from the factory
Mercedes-Benz owner to cut jobs

Mercedes becomes second German company to announce major job cuts

Parent company Daimler has joined Audi in revealing plans this week to reduce employee numbers by thousands across the globe
Drivers oppose diesel banShutterstock

84 percent of drivers oppose city diesel bans

The majority of motorists say they oppose plans to ban diesel cars in city centres, such as planned by Bristol from 2021.
RM Sotheby's Abu Dhabi F1 supercarsRM Sotheby's

Exotic and expensive: supercars on sale at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

RM Sotheby’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix sale has some incredible cars on offer, provided you have a few million in the bank. We round up the most exciting supercars on sale
Winter breakdowns RACShutterstock

British drivers unprepared for winter breakdowns

A survey of 2,000 UK car owners reveals many are hopelessly unprepared for a winter breakdown. That's despite 62 percent having broken down at some point.
JLR over-the-air updatesLand Rover

All new Jaguars and Land Rovers will get over-the-air updates

So-called 'SOTA' capability will now be standard on all JLR cars, plus owners of nearly-new models can add the capability for free.
1.5 million households could have electric cars with easeMini

Future electric Minis will be built in China

BMW Group is teaming up with Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall for a new factory, plus the ongoing development of electric cars.
'make or break' for diesel in 2020Shutterstock

Why 2020 will be ‘make or break’ year for diesel

Diesel’s difficult journey over the last few years may be about to come to a head, with some claiming 2020 will be 'make or break' for the under-fire fuel.
Worst pothole in the UKShutterstock

Ranked: the worst areas in the UK for potholed roads

Pothole season has started, as overnight frosts begin to take their toll on UK roads. Our league table reveals which counties have the most potholes.
Popular cars disappearingFord

Popular cars disappearing from our roads

From the Ford Cortina to the Vauxhall Belmont, we look at 25 cars that are a shadow of their former selves.