Audi A1 Citycarver urban jungleAudi

Audi A1 Citycarver: where is the urban jungle exactly?

Audi says the A1 Citycarver is a car ‘for the urban jungle’. It turns out the urban jungle is a garden centre and cafe near Norwich. Still want that Honda Jazz?
Expensive high-street parkingYourParkingSpace

Is expensive parking killing the high street?

Behind online shopping, expensive parking is copping some of the flack for the decline of local in-person shopping on the high street
Porsche 911 manual 2020Porsche

Give it some stick: Porsche 911 now offered with manual gearbox

Porsche has shown off the seven-speed manual gearbox for the '992' version of the 911. It will be available from summer 2020.
One in five motorists plan to go all-electricHonda

One in five drivers plans to go electric

More than one in five say that their next car will be all-electric, meaning EVs have overtaken diesel and hybrid in buying intentions for the first time.
The rise of the connected car and what it knows about youShutterstock

The rise of the connected car – and what it knows about you

Two-thirds of new cars registered in the UK are connected, with billions more expected globally by 2025. But what are the privacy issues for motorists?
Future electric cars could charge in 10 minutesVolkswagen

How future electric cars could charge in 10 minutes

New technology could give electric cars the ability to gain 200 miles of range in less than 10 minutes, according to scientists.
Peugeot 208

Peugeot-Citroen and Fiat-Chrysler agree merger plan

Groupe PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are working towards a 50-50 merger that would create the world’s fourth-largest carmaker
Brussels to ban petrol and diesel carsShutterstock

Brussels to ban ALL petrol and diesel cars

The city of Brussels, base of operations for the European Union, is looking to ban petrol and diesel cars within its urban area.
60 years of the M1 motorwayShutterstock

60 years of our love-hate relationship with the motorway

“Take it easy, motorist.” Today marks the 60th anniversary of the opening on the M1 motorway between London and Birmingham.
halloween horror MOT findsShutterstock

Halloween horrors: frightful MOT failure finds

Halloween approaches and as we carve our pumpkins and begin dressing up, it’s worth considering the real-life horrors MOT testers face year-round