Hennessey Maximus Jeep Gladiator

Hennessey Performance has made a 1,000hp Jeep Gladiator

Hennessey Performance Maximus 1000 uses supercharged Dodge Hellcat engine to create the ultimate off-road pickup truck
Parking perilEuro Car Parts

A third of UK motorists would drive away after a parking scrape

New research reveals that 32 percent of motorists would opt to flee a parking mishap, rather than own up to damaging another car.
Museo Enzo Ferrari ModenaFerrari

Most beautiful Ferraris chosen for Maranello museum

The ‘Timeless Masterpieces’ exhibition at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena includes some of the greats from Ferrari’s past
Nissan Juke car production in SunderlandNissan

UK car production nearly HALVES due to Brexit

April 2019 described as ‘extraordinary’ by car industry trade body as the number of models built in Britain plummets 44.5 percent
2020 Ferrari SF90 StradaleFerrari

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: full details of the new 1,000hp hybrid supercar

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is a 1,000hp plug-in hybrid halo car that sets new benchmarks for performance and is coming to a showroom near you from 2020

The most powerful Ferraris ever made

These are the most powerful road-going Ferraris, from the classic Enzo hypercar to the new SF90 Stradale and everything in-between. We’ve included 17 cars with 600hp or more, spanning 17 years of production
BMW 1 Series dealsBMW

Last rear-drive BMW M140i bows out for just £449 upfront

As the new BMW 1 Series makes its debut, dealers are looking to shift stocks of the outgoing rear-wheel-drive model. We've found some impressive deals.
Sustainability PorschePorsche

Going green: Porsche will only use sustainable suppliers

‘Sustainability is non-negotiable’, says Porsche, as it promises to source all parts from suppliers with good eco credentials,
BMW E-Scooter

BMW is joining the e-scooter trend

E-scooters are everywhere in Silicon Valley. Now, BMW wants to give us the Ultimate Scooting Machine with a new range launching this autumn
Novitec N-Largo Ferrari 812 SuperfastNovitec

The Ferrari 812 Superfast just got even faster

The Novitec N-Largo ramps up the Ferrari 812 Superfast's already formidable reserves of power, performance and aggression.