2019 Dodge Charger Pursuit Officer Protection Pack

Dodge Charger Pursuit police car has the backs of more than 10,000 US officers

Officer Protection Pack helps reduce the risk of ambush from behind
Greenpeace protests at Volkswagen UK HQ

Greenpeace ‘shuts down’ Volkswagen UK HQ with anti-diesel protest

It wants VW to stop selling new diesel cars – and go 100 percent electric
Aston Martin James Bond Goldfinger DB5

Aston Martin is building 25 brand new James Bond DB5 – WITH gadgets

Each Goldfinger will cost £2.75 million plus taxes… and won’t be road legal
Tesla History

Electric dreams and electric shocks: the Tesla story so far

Founded in 2003, Tesla is the most talked about electric car company in the world. Here’s a brief history.
Traffic UK motorway

Adaptive cruise control could kill the phantom traffic jam

Adaptive cruise control is the answer to our congestion woes, say scientists and engineers from Ford and Vanderbilt University
John Cooper with son Mike

Cooper Car Company honoured with English Heritage blue plaque

The former Cooper Car Company workshop in Surbiton is recognised as 'a hugely important building to the history of the British car industry'
Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition

Why the Ford Focus RS is already a modern classic

The third generation Ford Focus RS was only on sale for two years, yet the legacy it leaves behind means it won't be forgotten in a hurry
Hertz 100th Corvette Z06

The Hertz 100th Corvette Z06 is the best holiday hire car

Nothing's faster than a rental: Hertz celebrates its 100th anniversary with special edition Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Road bridge in England

Highways England: ‘our road bridges are safe’

Chief highways engineer issues statement following Genoa road bridge collapse in Italy
2019 VW Golf R Cliff Green

2019 U.S. Volkswagen Golf R buyers can choose from 40 custom colours

How do you possibly pick your fave from all these?