BMW M4 Convertible

BMW M4 Convertible review: 2014 First Drive

The best open-top M-branded four-seater ever is impressive, but not quite the ultimate driving machine the M4 Coupe is.

Saab owner Nevs to go into administration

Unpaid creditors force Nevs' hand: application for administration buys more time for discussions with 'two global vehicle manufacturers'
Motorway at night

80mph now default UK motorway speed limit

According to common law, Britain's motorway speed limit is 80mph, not 70mph...
BMW M4 launch drift

BMW US drifts new M4 around 37 owners' M3 – video

That's one way of signalling the arrival of a performance car...

Maxey Power 2014: Cambridgeshire’s eclectic classics on show - in pictures

Head off the beaten track of the big classic car shows and a surprise or two awaits

Become a 2015 McLaren factory driver with 1000PS P1 GTR

Team McLaren is looking for trackday drivers. Signing on fee? £2 million

Special Jaguar Land Rovers to be built on former Peugeot site

100 new jobs created by JLR’s latest £20 million investment 
UK trucks

Foreign truckers help fix 320,000 British potholes

Lorry levy brings in £17 million since introduction in April 2014
Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 001

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is world’s fastest 4dr

German musclecars suddenly seem that bit punier as American brawn muscles in
Ford Fiesta ST3 2014 review

Ford Fiesta ST3 2014 review

Ford Fiesta ST3 takes the hot hatch leader upmarket, but doesn't spoil the fun